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The Expanding Station – A Synthesis Design

Project: The Expanding Station project was design for the "The Electric Fuelling Station of the Future Design Competition"

Project Statement:

The concept is to start with a simple and small module designed and built off-site, shipped to different locations, and assembled onsite. The Charging Station is made up of these modules, and each has its own function. The primary goal is to have a sustainable design – to minimize waste while maximizing the feasibility in construction and the flexibility to suit different sites. The modular construction will also allow a vernacular growth of the individual station: since those which are close to urban centres may grow at a different rate from those in more remote rural areas, the demand and location will determine the size of the station and the types of its amenities and businesses.

The other part of our Design concept is to envisage a more holistic approach to promoting the shift to Electric Vehicles. What we propose is a synthesis of technologies, industrial innovations, and entrepreneurial and community initiatives.