Cord is full-service architectural design firm based in Oshawa offering a personally committed approach to any project that is consistent throughout design, construction, contract admin and approvals. Drew Hanson and Rhonda Sukumaran have been working in the architectural field in the GTA for a combined 35 years. While having experience in a wide range of building types, from car dealerships and live performance venues, to commercial out-fits, single family dwellings and renovations. 

       Our latest research and interest lies in the use of Canada’s greatest renewable resource, wood. We are working to become experts in this emerging field with the continued advancements that have been made in the timber industry, allowing for larger and more sustainable wood framed buildings. We work on the cutting edge of this practice, building some of the first six story wood residential buildings in Ontario. 

       We are committed to the pure design process, treating each project uniquely, understanding the particular context of each project, working with clients, the design team, and contractors to create projects that are specific to the site and intent of the work.


Rhonda Sukumaran, OAA, LEED AP, Principal Architect

Rhonda co-founded Cord Design in 2018. As the Principal Architect, Rhonda is responsible for overall project coordination and conformity to all OAA and Ontario Building Code regulations including legal documents and contracts and specifications. Rhonda does her best to keep up with her research into new building processes, laws, products, and building trends.


Drew Hanson, Principal and Creative Director

Drew co-founded Cord Design in 2018. As the creative director, Drew heads the design team and is responsible for the company’s visual identity and creative output. He has over fifteen years of working experience in a variety of building design disciplines, working on structural, architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design projects.